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You didn’t need any major vendors like DIRECT TV or access to any major media outlets to get Mr. Obama’s message on change. It was everywhere. The man ran on it as his platform and everyone ate it up. And while the change Mr. Obama put forth wasn’t what everyone wanted, it certainly was effective.

That’s why, if my brothers in the GOP want to have any hope of a life after Mr. Obama’s final days as President, there needs to be some REAL change – within us. You know who you are.

It’s time to stop being known as the old, rich, white person party and start getting recognized for our strengths when it comes to defense, economics, decision-making and leadership. There are plenty of things we can do to make our party more accessible to the American people and it’s time to stop treating the GOP like some kind of country club.

Another thing that needs to change is the “us Vs. them” mentality that many of us – on both sides – are guilty of. There needs to be more reaching across the aisle and more bipartisan cooperation. Decisions we make are for the good of our respective constituencies – no one wins when there’s a gridlock.



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After being defeated convincingly in the 2012 presidential election, the Republicans realized that they were on the wrong side of a demographic shift that had the potential to relegate them into obscurity. Their core support base was getting older, and the new generation of voters were not identifying with the message that the Republicans were sending.

White voters cast 88 percent of ballots as recently as 1980, but in 2012 that figure was down to 72 percent. This is a number that will decline steeply in coming elections, and

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Social Policies of the Republican Party

The Republican Party, like all major political parties in American history, takes a big-tent approach to social issues — it welcomes members of differing views. However, the official social policies of the party are as follows.

The Republican Party opposes abortion. It supports right-to-life judges, wants to amend the Constitution to outlaw this practice, and wishes to end all federal funding of abortion. It would also like the government to promote adoption, however possible. The

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Political parties take positions on many issues, but few aspects of their ideologies are more scrutinized than their economic policies. The two major parties have starkly different views on this issue.

The Republican Party generally believes in a policy of government nonintervention in economic affairs. They argue that businesses will be most successful when the government gets out of their way. Republicans have a firm belief in unfettered free market capitalism. They also emphasize the power of tax cuts to strengthen the economy. Many Republicans point to the Laffer Curve, a formula which states that government revenue actually

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The second oldest major political party in the United States is the Republican Party. The “Grand Old Party,” better known as the GOP, has its earliest beginnings in the ante-bellum period of the 1800s.

The Republican party grew out a coalition of anti-slavery organizations in 1854 who were opposed to the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This legislation opened both the Kansas Territory and the Nebraska Territory to the full expansion of slavery. This Act was in direct violation of the Missuori Compromise, which prohibited slavery above the 36’30′ latitude. The anti-slavery sentiment of

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Many conservatives are wondering if the Republicans have a strong enough presidential candidate in Mitt Romney. While many on the Left seem to think that this election will be a slam dunk for Barak Obama, that isn’t necessarily so.

Mitt Romney is a tougher candidate than most give him credit for.

The fact that he is a successful businessman and knows how to create jobs will be a huge plus for him in the general election.


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Often called the Grand Old Party (GOP), the Republican Party was founded by abolitionists in 1854. 18 Presidents have been Republicans with the most notable Republican Presidents being Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

The Republican Party is the more conservative of the two main political parties in the United States although it does not reject liberalism entirely and embraces many concepts from classical liberalism. Republicans are known for supporting strict constitutionalism, promoting traditional values and encouraging personal responsibility over social welfare programs.

One of the primary symbols of the Republican Party is

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Sarah Palin burst onto the national scene as the running mate for John McCain. Even though they did not win that election, she has remains an influential figure not only in the Republican Party but also in national politics.

The reason she has resonated with conservatives is because she has steadfastly stuck to her principles even in the face of unprecedented attacks by the liberal media. She hasn’t flip-flopped like so many other politicians have just to appease moderate voters.

Sarah Palin is the kind of principled leader the Republican Party has

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Like any other organization, the Republican party is ever changing. In some ways, they need to update some of their values that are changing with society. It is essential that they keep their core values, while being a more modern party. Before, George Bush was the natural leader of the party, but since he is no longer president, this is not the case.

To find a new leader for their party, they must look for someone a little more modern. The social ideas of the country and changing rapidly.

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